PJ - Hyperspeed IROKO dust bag+ ball
PJ - Hyperspeed IROKO dust bag
PJ - Hyperspeed IROKO - La goffa

La goffa

PJ - Hyperspeed IROKO

With the Pj Paddleball set you have one reason more to move your body ! At the beach or in the grass ! ! designed with Okumé marine plywood and different fine wood, they're durable and extremely enjoyable ! !

But how good are you at playing paddleball?
The superspeed model is the one who everybody can use easily, thanks to the weight and the regular plate. But if you like playing hard and fast and make some trick you need the lighter hyperspeed model!


Made with:

Okumè marine plywood and Iroko


Provided with:

  • dust bag  
  • ball
  • key rings